How to Use New Blogger Interface in 2020 - Complete Guide

Are you blogger? Want to start blog in blogspot? Then you should know full function of new blogger interface before start blog which launched by google in may 2020.


In this article, I am going to share complete guide to use new blogger interface step by step.



New Blogger Interface
New Blogger Interface

In new blogger interface have some different functionality from old blogger interface. They change this interface to make mobile friendly and better experience in the net.

Top 20 Microblogging Sites - Best Microblogging Sites List 2020

Are you looking for microblogging sites? Want to improve your blog or website engagement traffic. Need marketing your product on top microblogging sites to increase sales. Then you are in right place, here I'm going to share top 20 microblogging sites list.

Now a days, You can't imagine your blog or products marketing success without using microblogging sites promotion. That's why it is most important platform to increase your blog traffic and digital product marketing.