How to Use New Blogger Interface in 2020 - Complete Guide

Are you blogger? Want to start blog in blogspot? Then you should know full function of new blogger interface before start blog which launched by google in may 2020. 

In this article, I am going to share complete guide to use new blogger interface step by step.


New Blogger Interface
New Blogger Interface

In new blogger interface have some different functionality from old blogger interface. They change this interface to make mobile friendly and better experience in the net.

Introduction to New Blogger Dashboard Interface

At first I will love to introduce with new blogger dashboard. It has changed a small bit on dashboard which you will see in below picture.

In the dashboard section you will see different tab for your blogger blog. Here below I have listed every section and I will give you details for every tab using guide in new blogger interface.

  • Blog name
  • New post
  • Posts
  • Stats
  • Comments
  • Earnings
  • Pages
  • Layout
  • Theme
  • Settings
  • Reading List
  • View Blog
Now I am going to define each section or tab to use in this new blogger interface. You should be achieve full knowledge to use new blogger interface after read each section of details guide below.

How to Use Blog Name Tab in New Blogger Interface

In blog name section you will see your blog name and clickable option to go other blog or create new blog. 

This section almost same as old blogger interface. So you can easily use this tab to see your other blog and to create new blog.

How to Use New Post Tab in New Blogger Interface

New post is an tab to create a new blog post or write a new article for your blog. Here they make simple change in interface to make mobile friendly like below picture. but the functionality of using different tools or writing section are same as previous blogger interface.

You can write your post as like as previous blogger with title, article body and use tool bar to make your post more user friendly as well as seo optimized. 
Also use post setting to give your post level or category, to change your custom link for the post url, Give your post meta description, change post robot allow section as you used in old blogger.

So, use new post tab as like you have used to write new blog post in previous blogger interface.

How to Use Stats Tab in New Blogger Interface

Stats tab used to monitoring your site traffic statistics. This stats option will help you to observe your site traffic and help to know your traffic source, which post have must visitors or which one have low visitors. Also which country people visiting your site.
In top of the page of stats you will see how many followers, posts and comments have in your blog.
Then you can see how many visitors come to your site in all time, monthly, weekly and daily basis as you see in above picture.

After that you will see grap of blog traffic. In below the grap you will see clickable option "More About This Blog". Now click on this option to get more statistics report about your blog.
After click on "More About This Blog" you will see like above images 6 important statistics report for your blog step by step.

Top Referrers section defined that your traffic come from which platforms and how many people come to visit from those platforms. This statistics report will help you to improve your visitors from different platforms in the Internet.

Top Referrers urls section defined that your blog traffic come from which platform urls and how many people come to visit from those urls. It will also help to improve your traffic source.
Pageviews by browser section defined that your blog traffic comes from which browsers ( chorme, firefox etc ) and how many people visit from those browsers.
Pageviews by operating systems defined that your blog traffic comes from which devices ( windows , linux, Android etc) and how many people visit from those devices.
Top Locations will help you to monitoring your site that which country people visit your blog maximum.
Search Keywords helps to know that which keywords give your blog maximum traffic.
In the last section you will see clickable options "More On Google Analytics" which help you to go direct on your Google analytics to know more about traffic statistics of your blog.
This option was not in old blogger interface but in new blogger interface add this option to easily monitor your google analytics. 

How to Use Comments Tab in New Blogger Interface

Comments tab basically use to visitors comment approval. Here we can delete or approve our visitors comments. New blogger comments tab is same as old blogger interface. But comments tab was in setting tab in old blogger. Here below the picture of comments tab...

You can publish or delete or can make spam of your visitors comments from this tab. So, here have no difference from old blogger comments tab.

How to Use Earnings Tab in New Blogger Interface

New blogger earnings tab also same as old blogger. It have only change the look to make mobile friendly.
Earnings tab use to monitor your website earning and ads setup. You can apply for adsense approval from this important tab.
If you not yet apply for adsense then you will see the submit application for adsense option in the earning tab where you can apply.

If your site already adsense approved then you see the section that your blog is connected to adsense. Below this option you will see clickable option "VIEW EARNINGS" where you can click to go your adsense earning dashboard to monitor your adsense earning.

After above section you will see ads control section for your blog. You can set your ads showing section for your blog.

As I said, Earnings tab is same for both blogger interface. So, I hope you can easily use this tab.

How to Use Pages Tab in New Blogger Interface

Pages tab most important to create statistics pages for your blog ( like: about us, contact us, privacy policy, sitemap etc ). These pages is most important for a professional blog and to get adsense approval.

 In the above image you will see some pages which i have created for my blog.

To create new pages you can click on (+) icon below the page as you see in above picture.

After click on + icon tab you will see page like blog post writing section like above image. Here give your pages title and write your pages body section by using tool bar as old blogger interface.


How to Use Layout Tab in New Blogger Interface

In layout tab they have change two option in new blogger interface.

1. They move favicon option from layout to settings tab.

2. Layout save option give in below the page which was top of the page in old blogger interface. See below picture to confirm that you understand save option of layout.

How to Use Theme Tab in New Blogger Interface

Theme tab very most important to main your blog design. Here you can use different theme, customize your blog design and can edit html theme section.

In this page you will see first option to "CUSTOMIZE" your blog as previous blogger interface like below picture.

Then click on customize option and in the customize page you have option to change different section coular in your blog ( like: background, title, body, link etc ). This customize section will help you to make a better design blog.
Below customize option you will see an arrow sign and now click on this arrow sign.

After click on arrow you should get some option like above picture. Here you can Backup download your blog previous theme. Also have option to Edit HTML to make your blog theme more seo and user friendly as you use in old blogger edit HTML option.

Also you will get free theme below customize option like below image.

You can change your theme from here above as you use in old blogger.

How to Use Settings Tab in New Blogger Interface

Settings tab is most important section to maintain your blog. In old blogger settings tab was in different sub tab but in new interface they provide all settings option in one page.

Blogger change maximum option in settings tab. That's why I will provide more details easy and every section of new blogger settings tab.
In settings tab first you will see Basic option. 
Basic option allow you to provide your blog title and description.
You can change your blog language and allow you to provide Google Analytics Property ID.
Also you can change or provide Favicon icon for your blog. Favicon option was in layout tab in old blogger interface as i said in previous section.
Below the basic option you will see Privacy and Publishing section.

Privacy section have one option to allow or disallow your blog to Visible to search engines.

Publishing section allow you to see your blog address, You can set your custom domain and also allow to redirect initial to www url.
Below the publishing option you will see HTTPS and Permissions section.

HTTPS option allow you to redirect your blog from http to https which most important for your blog seo.

Permissions option use to allow different author or admin access in your blogger dashboard to maintain your blog. Also you can maintain reader access from this section.
Below permissions section you will see Posts option.
Posts option allow you to set your homepage posts. That means you can set how many blog posts will show in your homepage. Also a option to allow image lightbox.

Below the posts section you will see Comments option.
Comments option help you to set blog readers comment nature like who can comment in your blog. Also you can set your readers comments to moderation by you before publish comment.

Below the comments section you will see Email option.

Email option use to setup post email, comments notification emails and you can invite more people to comment notification email.
Below email section you will see Formatting option.

Formatting option use to setup time and date format. Also you can set your time zone and comment time format.
Below the Formatting section you will see Meta Tags, Errors and Redirects option.
Meta Tags is an important section to provide your blog search description which will read search to find your blog. So, you should give your meta description in this section.
Errors and redirects use to set your blog custom redirects page like 404, 403 redirects.
Below errors and redirects section you will see Crawlers and indexing option.


Crawlers and indexing option more important to SEO setup for your website or blog. 

  • You can setup custom robots.txt file to allow search engine bot to crawl your blog.
  • Also can setup custom robots header tags for different section as you set in old blogger interface.
  • Also you can directly go to your google search console and can maintain it from here as you use search console in old blogger interface.

Below the crawlers and indexing section you will see Monetization and Manage Blog option.

Monetization option use to set custom ads.txt file which is most important for adsense earning.
Manage Blog option basically used to remove blog and backup content.
Below manage blog section you will see Site feed option.

Site feed option allow you to set different feed for your blog. Also you can set post feed redirect url from this section.
Below the site feed section you will see General section which is tthe last option of settings tab.

General option use to create or change your blogger user profile.

So, we have covered all section of settings tab in new blogger interface.

How to Use Reading list and View Blog Tab in New Blogger Interface

Reading list tab option help you enter your favorite reading blogs list.

View Blog is an clickable option where can click to go your blog homepage.

So, We have covered all tab in blogger new interface dashboard which help you to understand every section and settings of new blogger interface.


New blogger interface launched to make user and mobile friendly. I hope you have got clear knowledge to use new blogger interface after read this full article step by step.
So, start today to create or maintain your blog from blogger new interface.

If you can't understand any section of new blogger interface then tell me by comment. I will try to help you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and keep blogging with blogger platform.


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