Top 51 Canada Classified Websites | FREE Ads Posting Sites in CA 2021

Have you any business in Canada? or you want to promote your online business in Canada local area? Then you are in right landing page, here I am going to share top 51 Canada classified sites list which must help to promote your business or products in Canada local area.

Canada classified sites

Canada is most biggest country in the world. Promotion a business or products in online is most important to increase sales and rank your business in Canada local search engine result.

Classified ads posting sites in Canada are best platform to promote business or services to get direct customers and increase local search engine ranking.

What is Classified Submission in Canada or SEO?

Classified ads posting is an process to submit a business products and services in online classified websites, where sellers and buyers gather to promote, sell or buy there products or services.

Classified ads posting is one of the powerful off-page SEO techniques to promote business in online, increase sales of products, getting local search engine ranking and traffic. 

Advertising a business on free ads posting sites in Canada can help to promote your business, must increase sales of products and services. Also you should get large amount of traffic to your website, which most important to increase website ranking.

Top 10 Canada Classified Ads Posting Websites in 2021

Here I provide top 10 Canada classified sites :

How to Do Classified Ads Posting in Canada {Step by Step}?

Most easy steps to submit online classified ads

Most of classified ads sites have same process, but some are different process to do.

1. Pick a high authority Canada classified submission site from our list.

2. Do registration by email, name, Password and verify your email by click on verification link.

3. Click on "Post ads" or "Place free ads" or "Post a Classified" or "Place a new classified".

4. Select perfect category that relevant with your business.

5. Enter your business products or services details like : title, description, logo, prices, address, phone, website link or url, video etc.

  • Write a attractive title by proper keyword optimization, So people can find your ads easily.
  • Describe your products or services accurately in description section.
  • Optimize every section by implement your keyword.

6. Then click on preview and confirm all information about your ads.

7. Finally click on submit.

Some of the classified website will automatically publish your ads but some you will need to verify by your email or some need editor to review before published or live your ads.

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Advantages of Classified Submission or Ads Posting in Canada

Classified ads posting is most beneficial SEO techniques to get good result of your online marketing.

Here I provided some important benefits of classified submission or ads posting.

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Opportunity to promote your brand digitally.
  • Source of free high quality backlink.
  • Ads posting sites are free and easy to use.
  • Large number of customers.
  • Limitless sales.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Increase website ranking.

Best 51 List of Free Classified Ads Posting Sites in Canada 2021

No. Free Canada Classified Sites DA PA
1. 79 65
2. 92 72
3. 60 47
4. 81 65
5. 31 45
6. 53 46
7. 92 62
39 53
9. 53 41
10. 25 47
11. 33 44
12. 19 38
13. 40 45
14. 39 53
15. 45 46
16. 36 47
17. 78 48
18. 44 35
19. 27 38
20. 33 44
21. 16 34
22. 55 56
23. 58 61
24. 25 46
25. 85 66
26. 40 43
27. 50 58
28. 67 60
29. 24 27
30. 43 55
31. 35 51
32. 30 50
33. 26 34
34. 28 47
35. 31 47
36. 21 48
37. 21 47
38. 19 33
39. 19 27
40. 19 33
41. 18 40
42. 17 36
43. 24 42
44. 15 38
45. 25 44
46. 14 28
47. 13 32
48. 11 34
49. 13 35
50. 22 37
51. 7 13

FAQS on Classified Ads Posting

What is classified ads posting?

Classified ads posting is an method to promote business in online by submit business products and services in classified submission sites or directories. This is one of the best process to bring online traffic, increase sales and improve website ranking.

How do I promote my classified ads?

There is two different way to promote classified ads. First one, you can share your classified ads in different social media sites. And second, you can promote your ads by use premium or paid classified ads posting.

What are classified ads used for?

Classified ads use to promote business in online. It is very good SEO and online marketing system to improve website ranking, traffic and increase sales.

Do classified ads still work?

Yes, classified ads posting still very effective method in off-page SEO. Also it’s an initial stage of marketing a business in online. Classified ads posting helps to get high quality backlinks, increase sales and traffic.

Final Thoughts

Above I have provided top free Canada classified sites with procedure to do classified submission in perfect way, that will give you maximum benefits.

Use our list of classified sites in Canada and follow the instructions to post ads. You must get maximum benefits and your business should go next level. Also will increase your products sales and should improve your website ranking.

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